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It may be Number 6 on our list, but this shirt is firmly established as one of our bestsellers. It’s the perfect balance between classic and contemporary style. The cutaway collar is a perfect match for the broader Neapolitan knot.
The light weave of a poplin shirt necessitates the use of the very best material. Avant garde technology is used to identify and eliminate any fibre impurity, producing a stunningly pure white fabric.
This rich non-iron twill is a must-have in any man's wardrobe. This slim-fit shirt is a classic with cutaway collar and double cuff that allows you to show off your favorite cufflinks.
Met dit shirt blijft je kraag altijd recht overeind staan!
This is Number 6’s more formal cousin. Once again a more formal flavour is introduced with the double cuff. However the cutaway collar creates a more contemporary flavour by balancing formality with style.
The non-iron shirt that works as hard as you do. Its unique molecular structure ensures the material always springs back to its original form, making this our most wrinkle-free wrinkle-free shirt yet - now with extra long sleeves.
Add a pattern to your wardrobe next to the solid whites and blues. This pied de poule royal twill is pure luxury.
A classic off-white wedding shirt in a slim-fit. This shirt can be combined with our other wedding accessories and will be the perfect match for your bride's wedding dress. It carries a wide spread collar, double cuff and extra long sleeve.
Complete your wardrobe with this luxury blue royal twill stripe. This is a must-have in every man's wardrobe as an alternative for the classic white shirt.
This non-iron basket weave shirt in slim fit is pure luxury and its cutaway collar will make a nice addition to your office repertoire.
Despite its rather regal title, the Imperial Oxford is a less formal shirt, thanks to an eye-catching extreme cutaway collar. The collar sweeps back as far as possible, adding an unmistakably contemporary Italian flair to a venerable English style.
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